"PM-B" means Preventative Maintenance plan B.
A packer truck is a garbage truck.
An exception is granted for campus police transporting evidence or confiscated drugs, as necessary.
This does not include referring to the image on a GPS screen or listening to verbal instructions. It does include attempts to program the GPS while driving.
Using sedans (automobiles) instead of vans is a reasonable alternative unless keeping the group together - as best possible - is deemed wise because of security concerns. If so, the risk of using vans, which is documented as serious, must be weighed against the security risk.
This information may be outdated as of Spring 2011, however it is the most recent we can find and should still be considered applicable for now.
Includes seatbelts, texting and unattended vehicles.
Includes bonfires
Who Can Use University Vehicles
Inspection of University Vehicles
INLOCC has taken over first aid training responsibilities from Emergency Management Services. We expect to begin scheduling classes in January or February 2014. Please check back at this site for further information.

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Office of Insurance, Loss Control & Claims

Protecting the assets of the University ...

First Aid Training

We now have First Aid classes available. Until online registration is available, contact Mel Lane to register.

The Office of Insurance, Loss Control & Claims (INLOCC) is responsible for managing the property and casualty risks of the University

We purchase the University's insurance (with the exception of life and health insurance), provide loss prevention and loss control and related safety services, and adjust all related claims. This includes property claims, liability claims, auto claims, athletic injuries, and others.

We also administer the self insurance fund. This is a systematic means of using large deductibles (retentions) to distance ourselves from the fluctuations of insurance markets, and to control the cost of commercial insurance. As an example, if we have a fire in one of our buildings, we will be responsible for the first $100,000 of the claim.

In 2005 the University formed a captive insurance company. This is an insurance company owned by IU and servicing IU, only. Old Crescent Insurance Company began operations February 1, 2005.

As you may guess, we stress loss prevention and control. Loss prevention means the loss never happens. Examples of loss prevention measures are good housekeeping and driving safely. Loss control means limiting a loss when one occurs. A good example is the use of sprinkler systems to control fires.

If a loss does occur, our staff of adjusters investigate and adjust the claim. If the claim is large enough to involve commercial insurance carriers, we act as the interface with them. University departments deal with us, and we deal with the commercial insurance world.

We hope you find the information on these pages useful. If you have suggestions or comments, please contact Larry Stephens,   .

Office of Insurance, Loss Control & Claims
400 E. 7th Street Room 705, Bloomington, IN 47405
812-855-9758 FAX 812-855-9320
A division of the Office of the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
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